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Carmens Road Safety Presentation

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Carmens Road Safety Presentation is a Road Safety Message For Everyone.

Carmens Road Safety App and DVD describes a real life account of how a teenager was sadly killed on our roads.

Carmens Road Safety App carries road safety messages that are designed to reduce deaths on our roads - right around Australia - by talking about road safety and how to prevent such tragedies from destroying young lives, and destroying the lives of the families left behind.

John Maher is Carmens Father. The Maher Family lost their youngest daughter Carmen in a car crash on 18th November 1995 and now John Maher gives road safety presentations at Secondary Schools telling Carmens story.

John Maher is an inspirational keynote speaker with more than 20 years experience as a public speaker at conferences, seminars, PD days, main platform and dinner functions for corporate Australia.

John is a captivating and engaging speaker and his personal story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. As John points out, life doesn’t only hand out red roses, and what happened to John and his family is something that would break the hearts and spirit of many.

Through the love of family and a fierce determination, via Carmens Road Safety Presentation - and via Carmens Road Safety App - John’s story is a triumph over adversity.